Bhimphedi CH

Two kids from Balmandir, actors in the film “Kanchan miss”

In the village of Bhimphedi there is a group of young dancers called “Bhimphedi Guys.” They are well known in Nepal for their numerous videos on their youtube channel, some with famous actresses and dancers.

The last project of “Bhimphedi Guys” has been to make a film to address school failure in towns, commissioned and funded by Bhimphedi Town Hall.

To make this movie, the Bhimphedi Guys made a casting to find the “students” and the “teacher Kanchan”, and two of the kids from Bhimphedi’s Children’s Home were selected for two of the leading roles:

Ramraj Shahi: Chande is a boy who falls in love with the teacher.

Kamal Dhami: It’s Shani, the boy who wants to go to Korea to work and make money.

You can watch the movie subtitled in English here: