Amor CH Volunteering

The volunteers are already in Mahendranagar

This summer volunteers are already in Mahendranagar and are working hard to do many activities with all children of Amor Children’s Home. Last Friday they did some games with the children and then they saw a cartoon film, “Coco”. During the day they play with them and in the afternoons, they do activities. They took the opportunity to finish painting all the names of the mural in the dining room. On Saturday, after lunch, they went to the city park to make a gymkhana and ate samosas for a snack.

They are also doing recycling workshops. With the oldest ones they have made soaps with bottles and with the small ones, they have decorated the paper mills with paintings that will be distributed throughout the Hostel. They also made juggling balls using balloons to play and now they can enjoy activities throughout the day with them.

They are all enjoying it a lot. Thanks for the work!