Amor CH Health Volunteering

Health project in Amor Children’s Home

These days, Montse, the Health Project’s Doctor, is at Amor Children’s Home. She is doing a great job continuing the project developed in previous years. First, she has bought what was needed to have a complete pharmacy, and then she has done the medical check-up to all the children. Children who were suspected of having dental alteration during the medical check-up, went to the dentist’s visit to assess diagnosis and treatment. Among 9 children, 8 will need dentist treatment.

To ensure good oral health, she has done the tooth brushing workshop. She tells us that it has been a reminder since the children know perfectly how to do it. All the children of Amor Children’s Home have attended and the didis of the center have also been involved. They have seen cartoon video about brushing teeth (how and when) and then they have ensured that all children have their own toothbrush and tube of toothpaste in the room. Finally, they have done the practical part, brushing their teeth on the common tap.