Women Literacy (WLP)

Start of two new courses at Aithpur

After two successful WLP sessions in four different cities  in Mahendranagar, we opened  another three-month WLP course in two new places in Aithpur. After the closing of  Katan programme on 9th June, we then organised the opening of these new courses.
We distributed  the books and school materials to all the women who, taking into account the two programmes, made up a total of more than 40 women. We found that there were more women who were interested in joining the course than the ones that had initially signed up for it, so we did the registration of all of them. During the celebration of the start of the course, all of them with their coordinators of the WLP Mahendranagar and the program coordinator of Kathmandu, decided on the schedule of the classes and where they would be installed. In each group there were two teachers and a coordinator to ensure the proper functioning of the groups.
Thus, the two new courses that have been started are as follows:
Group 1: Aithpur
This new group consists of 24 female students. In this group there is a wide variety of ages,  from very young women to elderly women. During the first few days, young women were able to write their names, but elderly women still found it difficult and were actively working to learn how to do so. All of them  enjoyed the lessons a lot.
Group 2: Aithpur (Kisan Marga)
There are 21 students in this group. As in Group 1, older women are practicing writing some words. An interesting peculiarity of this group is that women´s children  attend the lessons with them and thus help them  learn how to write and read. All of them help each other to learn as quickly as possible.
These programmes are having very positive results.  Women’s Literacy Programme is helping many women in Mahendranagar to become literate. Thanks to these courses, they have the possibility  to open small shops  and this way, they can  earn enough money on their own and help support their family.