Women Literacy (WLP) Women Program

Closing of the course at Katan and Khairbatti

On March 15th, the Women’s Literacy course began in two different locations: Katan and Khairbatti. The courses lasted  for three months, so on June 7th the Kathmandu team travelled to Mahendranagar to make the closing  of the completion of the courses.
On June 9th we celebrated the end of the program in Khairbatti. Because of the fact that  a person from Katan’s community had died and they were grieving, we were unable to hold the celebration in this location.
During the three months of the devolopmente of the course, women can learn how to  read and understand the Nepali alphabet, as well as a little bit  of English. The closing of the course was different from the previous one.  All the women had to undergo a final exam and we wrote on the blackboard several words that they had to read aloud. Most women were able to read all the words. Thus, all of them were awarded with the report card and the Certificate of Attendance.
To finish with the closing ceremony,  women sang a song from their community and  young people distributed cold drinks and snacks to hold the celebration.
This program has been very well received by all of them, and it  helps them a lot in their daily lives. All of them are looking forward to starting  the next level, once they have finished caring for their crops.
From Amigos del Nepal we congratulate you on your good marks!