Social Hours (SH) Youth Program

New workshops on waste management

Joves Amics del Nepal

In the last month, students from the Youth Project of Amics del Nepal visited 3 new schools to continue with the theatre plays and knowledge workshops meant for creating awareness on waste management, a grave problem for the Nepalese society.

More than a 100 students attended the workshops. It is always interesting to check how children become involved in the theatre and learn in a ludic manner to segregate waste. It is true that this project will not enable them to start managing waste immediately, but the idea will rest in their minds like a seed and sooner or later they will understand how important dealing with our waste is. Not just for the environment, but also for our own lives. Teachers of the three schools congratulated the Youth Team for being able to join fun and knowledge together,

This March visits to schools will continue in order to round off one more year of consciousness and compromise with society.

Schools visited on this occasion were Mahan Siddharta, Bishwo Shiakshaya Sadan and Shree Bal Bebasaye Khendra Madyamik Vidyala, all of them are in the Maijubahal and Siphal neighbourhoods of Kathmandu.


  • Joves Amics del Nepal