New Activities Center in Kathmandu

Amics del Nepal

Currently, the local in Kathmandú, from where is done all the management of programs and projects of the association, it has also become, since 2016, a space for the community.

Last month, seeing the need to have more space to accommodate more people, “Amics del Nepal” has found a new space in the same neighbourhood.

Thanks to the young people, this space has been rehabilitated and equipped. In only 7 days, it has been cleaned, repaired, painted and adapted to transform it into a meeting point for young people, women and children.

The Amics Activities Center is like a community center holding activities for the people of the neighborhood from 11am to 7pm.

The new space has a room for the office, a computer room, a kitchen, a meeting room and the big activities room. It will held trainings and courses of social actions, literacy, computer, dance and school support; more than 60 students and 7 teachers. Our next goal will be to increase to 12 hours a day the opening time.

Here you have a video presentation of the new center: