Children Program Project Based Learning (PBL)

PBL Third Quarter

The third quarter of our Project-Based Learning (PBL) journey commenced with a dual emphasis on English and IT assessments, meticulously designed to measure our students’ progress. The primary objective was to instil awareness and active participation among PBL6 students through collaborative art projects under the overarching theme of “Solidarity and Fundraising”. PBL7 students are currently fostering comprehension and creativity skills in PBL7 through innovative play-based activities centred around story writing aligning with the theme English Preparation. 

On November 22nd, certificates of achievement were distributed among PBL 7 participants, marking the successful conclusion of our last year’s PBL Art Collaboration initiative. This project, initiated last December, saw the vibrant engagement of our PBL 6 students with their counterparts in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Barcelona. The thematic focus on Fundraising and Solidarity inspired a creative exchange of artworks facilitated by an external art teacher who guided our students in the realms of drawing and painting. The culmination of their efforts resulted in a collection of fine arts sent to Catalonia for a public exhibition.

The heartening response came in the form of a  recipe book sent by young artists in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, which not only delighted our students but also strengthened the bonds of solidarity. The distribution of certificates added a touch of formality to the celebration, recognizing the commitment and talent exhibited by our budding artists.We look forward to the continued growth of our students, fostering a dynamic learning environment that transcends the conventional boundaries of education. With creativity as our compass and solidarity as our guiding principle, we stride confidently into the next phase of our PBL adventure.

Aquest projecte és possible gràcies al suport de tots els socis d’Amics del Nepal i de les entitats col·laboradores: