Expansion Program Women Literacy (WLP)

WLP Field Visit to White Gumba

Field visit is one of the best ways to explore, observe and enrich our knowledge. The project of Amics del Nepal has been providing such field visits and refreshment activities to their beneficiaries in accordance with its objective for experiential learning. On 1st April, a field visit to White Gumba was conducted with the beneficiaries of the Women Literacy Project as a final event of the academic year 2022/23. There were a total of 14 participants along with a women program facilitator and intern.
White Gumba (Seto Gumba) is a Buddhist monastery located in Nagarjun Municipality of Kathmandu District. It is a cultural site full of natural beauty, Tibetan architecture & culture. The visit was a recreational as well as a learning activity for the women of our literacy project. On the way back home, they also visited Swayambhunath which is an ancient religious place located on a hill top of Kathmandu. Because both sites lie at the top of the hill women were able to see the spectacular view of Kathmandu valley. All the women really enjoyed the visit.