Expansion Program Women Literacy (WLP)

WLP Level 2 Book Distribution in Bhimphedi

On November 1st, WLP Level 2 books were distributed and oriented to among the women participants from Bhimphedi. The women were provided stationery materials for their class. There were 15 women present during the distribution program. The books are the supporting materials to help women develop their basic literacy skills in Nepali.

The project has successfully completed Level 1 book implementation in Bhimphedi. The women are now able to read and write basic Nepali words. In the Level 2 book, learners will be able to develop basic Nepali phonetics, words and simple sentences. Also, the book includes some revision exercises from the previous level book. Aside from that, there are also extra art and visual exercises that complement and make the learning more interesting.

In conclusion, the implementation of the WLP level 2 book has begun, and the project hopes to design an engaging curriculum in the coming future as well that will help women enhance their literacy skills.