Amics del Nepal creates educational materials for English classes in Catalan schools

Amics del Nepal has launched an educational project: the Nepal School Documentary Festival (AN Doc-Fest) aimed at schools in Catalonia so that through the subject of English they can discover different aspects of geography, the economy and culture of the small country at the foot of the Himalayas.

An interactive map of Nepal is the game board shared by all participating schools. Each participating class can choose which locations on the map they want to visit. In each locality, a different theme is worked on through activities and videos. The topics covered are solidarity, language, biodiversity, culture, food, geography, the economy and festivals.

In this way, students can improve their understanding and oral expression of English in a fun, digital and interactive way. The final product of each participating class is to create a documentary about Nepal.

This course starts as a pilot test with two schools (Lanaspa de Terrassa and Joan Blanquer de Castellar del Vallès) which, in addition to the online activities, will interact by asking questions to the students of Amics del Nepal in Kathmandu.

Even so, the materials are available on the Amics del Nepal website and therefore any interested school can make use of them. And not only for schools, these materials can also be interesting for all those who want to discover Nepal:

Each year, before Holy Week, an event will be held to share the experience among those who have participated, and the documentaries created by the participants will be shown.

The AN Doc-Fest project has been created exclusively with the efforts of volunteers and members of the Amics del Nepal activity center in Kathmandu.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics de Nepal and the collaborating partners: