Women Literacy (WLP)

WLP field visit to Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Field visits have always been one of the ways to explore, extend and enrich learning. The projects of Amics del Nepal has been organising different educational field visits, and refreshment activities to its beneficiaries in keeping with its experiential learning goals.

On 7th May, the women participants, staff and interns from Women Literacy Project from Kathmandu made a field visit to Narayanhiti Palace Museum. There were a total of 13 participants including staff and interns who made this visit. The field visit was a kind of a recreational and learning activity for these women. The main purpose of visiting the Narayanhiti museum was to make the field visit more educational and interesting for them. The Narayanhiti museum, then a palace, was home to all Shah rulers of Nepal. 

The museum is a great place to learn about Nepal’s history and its past rulers. Through this visit, women were able to view the old furnitures, and art collection that has been in the palace for centuries. Besides that, they also observed all the decor and lifestyle enjoyed by royals within the walls of the palace. This visit gave some glimpse and reflection of our history to the women. Thus, the field visit was exciting and engaging as it was most of the women’s first visit to the museum.