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Dashain Celebration at the Children’s Homes

Dashain is the biggest Hindu festival of Nepalese and is celebrated all over Nepal. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil. This festival also brings people together. People receive tika and jamara with blessings from their elders. This year the festival Vijaya Dashami was celebrated on 26th October all over Nepal. However, due to the pandemic, most people didn’t travel far for Dashain celebration. People celebrated it with their families and relatives within their neighborhoods.

Besides this, Bhimphedi CH, Patan CH, Amor CH, and Purwanchal CH celebrated the festival inside the Children homes itself. Children along with the staff celebrated the festival together. All the children received tika and jamara from the seniors staff. A special meal was prepared for children as part of the Dashain celebration. This year it was a good opportunity for all the children and staff to celebrate the festival together since none of the children were able to travel due to the pandemic. Also, some of the past beneficiaries visited Children Homes for the celebration. 

The festival has brought a feeling of togetherness and rejoice in everyone’s lives with their loved ones. Hence, with the celebrations of Dashain, we hope that the goddess Durga has blessed everyone with a healthy and happy life.