Bhimphedi CH Expansion Program Namuna Bari Women Literacy (WLP)

Literacy exam, the first time in an exam hall

Since the pandemic started we launched a literacy class for three of the women staff of Bhimphedi Balmandir. The classes have been quite productive and effective for these women.

At the beginning of the classes, the women had minimal literacy skills and were only able to pronounce the Nepali alphabet. It was difficult for them to recognise or write these letters. After conducting these classes for some months, the three women sat next to the kids to make, next to them, their first exam to show their progress. The exam session was for one hour. They were able to write their name using all the Nepali letters, the name of fruits, colours, vegetables, as well as matching words to their appropriate spellings.

Beli, Santamaya and Maya did such a great job in their first experience in an exam hall, as they reminded us proudly, giving to all the children of Balmandir a great example of perseverance and will to learn.

The women literacy classes continue five days a week, focussing now on reading and writing short texts. The women are happy with the classes and working hard to continue learning and progressing while they continue taking care of all the kids of Balmandir like the most wonderful mothers in the world.

The Women Literacy Program is possible in Bhimphedi thanks to the support of the city hall of Ayúntamiento de Montornés del Vallès the the project Namuna Bari and in Kathmandu thanks to Lactotècnia.

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