Awasuka Bhimphedi CH Events

Awareness cinema: Nepal after the earthquake

On December 19, Tarannà and Eventos con Alma organized a new Cinema of Consciousness. This time the Girona cinema was packed of people to listen about Nepal, the 2015 earthquake and the work done by Awasuka.

The event consisted of the projection of the music video of Mònica Sans where, together with some children from the Bhimphedi Children’s Home and the Bhimphedi Guys, teaches the different types of seismic constructions made in Bhimphedi. The documentary Rising Nepal by Miguel Ángel Tobías was also shown.

A success that served to raise money so that Awasuka, through Base-A, can continue to build chimneys, after having already built more than 300 chimneys in the town of Bhimphedi.