Children Program Experiential Learning (EL)

Visit to National Botanical Garden in Godawari

On 16th November, students from experiential session, children program facilitators and two volunteers made their first field visit to National Botanical garden situated in Godawari. The garden is famous in enriching native plants as to integrate scientific investigation, conservation, education and demonstration in the place.

Since the students were curious to know and make research on various plants, National Botanical garden was the best place to start. During the visit, students collected necessary data and information by observing the plants and information written on board to prepare reports and presentations for the classes. The students will work on with the computer and report writing in the coming few classes to make presentations about their experience and learnings of the visit.

The main motive of this visit was to make the students know and explore about plant life through direct observation. Overall, this kind of field visits always provides a new experience of learning. In addition, it also provides an opportunity to explore new places with new knowledge and ideas.