Nepali Saturday in Osona

Last Saturday, September 28th, it was a solidarity day and very Nepali day in Osona.

Amics del Nepal celebrated in Brull a solidarity meal where about 70 people gathered to eat Dalbhat (rice with lentils with many side dishes). We enjoyed good food, good company and an unbeatable surrounding; and we were able to raise 1100 euros, a great success! With this amount the Bhimphedi Children’s Home can feed the staff and 32 children for a month.

That same evening, in Vic, Indira Rana Magar, a Nepalese social worker, founder and director of Prisoners Assistance Nepal (PA Nepal) made an inspiring speech for the hundreds of people we met to listen to her and give her our support . The event organized by Casa-Terra and with the support of the singer of Txarango, was a success.

You can see the video clip made by Txarango for this project:

Indira, is a fighter who has been improving the life of imprisoned women for 30 years and the children jailed with them. Hundreds of children have been able to leave Nepalese prisons and live in centers managed by her directly or indirectly (as in the case of the home of Mala Home and others), or live in prisons with more dignity and better conditions, having access to schooling

Along with Puspa Basnet ( and Anurala Koirala (, Indira is recognized as one of the Nepalese social workers with the most influence and impact to improve Nepali society.