Amor CH Children's Home

Mahendranagar Sports Event

On August 5th, a sports team from Madrid travelled all the way to Mahendranagar to conduct sports activities in Florida School and Amor Children Home.

On their first day at Mahendranagar, the team coordinated with the school’s principal and visited the school to share their plans and activities. The team performed 4 day long activities with the students from Florida School, two days with senior students and two with middle school students. The spaciousness of the school made it very easily to perform the planned sports activities like basketball, badminton and volleyball. As the school does not have regular sports class, it was an opportunity for the students to get involved in such activities. The students too were very active and energetic to play these sports. However, since they were more in number, it was quite difficult to perform some activities.

In the Children’s home too, the team continued with the same activities. They were able to interact more with the children there and share their interests and spend more time with them. Overall the event was productive and all the students got an opportunity to play sports according to their choice.