Rains in Nepal

Every year the monsoon rains wreak havoc in Nepal. In the southern plains, floods occur and in the mountainous areas dangerous landslides that destroy roads and can hang houses.

This year the rains are being especially intense and you can see continuously images in the Nepalese media and these have even reached abroad too. So far there have been around fifty fatalities and many damages, we hope that the rains will respect us for what remains of the rainy season until September.

For those who have sent us there are concerns, in the Children’s Homes and the Activity Center of Amics del Nepal all our beneficiaries are well and only in the center of Biratnagar the building where the 15 cows are has been affected and they have had to move the cattle.

In Bhimphedi many villagers from the surrounding mountains have taken refuge in the village but fortunately this year there is no need to regret any victim.

You can see spectacular photos in Kathmandu Post:

And in this post you can see pictures of Bhimphedi made by Surendra Tikhe and Swastika Rijal.