Health Volunteering Patan CH

Health workshop in Patan

Since February, Amics del Nepal has been providing health workshops and training to the children and staff of Patan Children Home on a regular basis.
On 8th June, Amics staff along with two volunteers from Spain provided a health workshop related to primary health care such as brushing teeth and washing hands. They also provided training on CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and conducted a fire drill to the children from 12-22 ages at Patan Children’s Home. 15 girls attended the workshop which was about one and a half hour long.

In the beginning of the workshop, the children were explained about CPR and fire drill. Each workshop was done practically and explained step by step. After the explanations, children practiced the steps with their friends. CPR and fire drill were completely new topics for some of the children. However, there were some girls who were studying nursing, and they helped the other children to understand better. During the workshop the children were also asked some general questions related to personal hygiene such as brushing teeth and washing hands.

Overall the workshop was very effective and useful for the children. Conducting these kinds of programs can provide a wide variety of useful health related knowledge. Also, it encourages the children to engage in different activities.