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Love and Ashok, young artists

Love Rawal, and his sculptures of Buddha

Since one year, Love has been studying at Panauti in Tejganga Multiple Campus. It is said to be one of the best colleges in Panauti where he attends classes on a regular basis. While he struggled to obtain good results in the beginning, he has eventually progressed in his final term exams. In a few days, he will be attending the national level board exam for 11th grade.

Besides undergoing high school studies, Love is also enrolled in a vocational training course. Love says, “I‘m also learning vocational training about metal casting which I like very much. I stay in a hostel with other friends. I have college in the morning and during the day I learn metal casting. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to learn and work, but now it is easy for me and I’m enjoying a lot. I have almost learnt all the basics and some advanced techniques about metal casting. I have also made some small statues of Buddha at my work. I am grateful for I got this opportunity to learn and educate myself. Thank you Amics del Nepal for the support. I will be pleased to share some of my knowledge to Amics whenever needed.”

Ashok Siwakoti, and his music with the sarangi

“I have been studying Bachelors in Arts (Musicology) since one year with the support of Amics del Nepal and Monica Carlas. And, I am always thankful for that. I am one of the luckiest people to get opportunity to study something that I have always liked a lot.”

Ashok’s first year in the art school helped explore his thinking and orientation towards music. The lectures and syllabus along with the new environment made him worried initially but soon he overcame his worries and he is now an avid learner. He also got to see many new and famous faces as facilitators and motivators.

From learning classical guitar in his first semester to getting to know about music history and its theories in the second semester, Ashok is now more interested in playing local instruments such as  Tabla (percussion) and Sarangi (a 4 string instrument from Nepal). He is currently studying the importance of local music and instruments and he intends to stick to these instruments till his last semester.

“I feel music is not just the sound of different instruments, it’s a feeling, emotion, story, rhythm and many more. It is a different thing to be a musician though, it’s not an easy job.”

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