Social Week (SW) Youth Program

Social Week Closing Event

After one year of the youth’s participation in Amics del Nepal’s Social Week, the youth project has officially come to an end in April, 2019. The youth will now be upgraded to Social Hours in their 12th grade where they will need to do 200 hours of volunteering service in different NGOs working for social change and development.

As a closing of the Social Week project, the youth were taken to Narayanthan close by Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park for a day hike. After working intensely in Waste 0 Corner these last few months, this hike was an important event for them to understand the importance of clean and green environment especially in the city apart from the daily hustle bustle. Apart from the closing event, this visit was also to motivate the youth to continue working on this project in the coming year when they will be starting with the volunteering hours.

The students also received certificates for participating in the year-long youth project which also highlighted skills developed through the Activity Centre as well as achievements gained through Amics del Nepal’s collaboration with different NGOs

With the support of the city Hall of Castellar del Vallès

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