Bhimphedi CH

I’m single, the new dance of Balmandir Guys

“Single Chhu” is the new dance video of Balmandir Guys, the group of dancers from the Children’s Home of Bhimphedi.

This video has been completed in just three days and it has been shot in different locations of Bhimphedi, including the children’s home, the “pokhari” and multisport ground.

This time the Balmandir Guys worked with the collaboration of the Bhimphedi Guys (a dance group of Bhimphedi very famous in Nepal). Bhimphedi Guys provided the camera to shoot the video in good quality and one of its members, Sabin Lama, gave the concept of the video and helped to direct as well.

Nirmal Lama, the main dancer of Bhimphedi Guys, edited the video to help the kids of the children’s home to make improvements in their work.

The main dancers of this video are Ram Raj, Kamal and Manish. Ramesh, Sumit and Surendra also acted in the video.

Ram Raj and Kamal have already been dancing and acting in some official videos with the Bhimphedi Guys for some years, which has been a great opportunity for them to grow and improve both in dancing and acting.

Hope you like the video and share it!