Awasuka Bhimphedi CH Children's Home

Block, Wood or Stone – a Song for Social Awareness

One of the objectives of Awasuka Program (*) is to convey its knowledge to as many people as possible. Sometimes this means inventing new communication strategies outside the traditional channels. That’s why Awasuka team has decided to make a musical awareness video to transmit knowledge about safe homes. In this short movie, Manzu Miss explains to her students practical lessons on earthquake resistant houses. Further on, Sangeeta, one of the students, begins to dream of her purpose while we listen to the first notes of the tune …      

Block, Wood or Stone is written and composed by Monica Sans Duran, recorded by some of the best musicians in Nepal and produced by a Kathmandu Studio, in order to give it a culturally close sound. The video clip is made by Bhimphedi Guys, a dance and video productoin group from Bhimphedi, that also does social work with their creations. The short film has the participation of some villagers, a beneficiary of Awasuka program and the children of Balmandir, Amics del Nepal Children’s Home in Bhimphedi.

Awasuka is especially grateful to Nirmal Lama, Bhimphedi Guys director, for his contribution with precious ideas to the short film script; to the cinematographer Pawan Susling for the intense post-production work and to the new actresses Manzu Tamang and Arosha Magar for their fantastic performance.

Awasuka and Bhimphedi Guys hope you understand the lessons about earthquake-resistant architecture, that you enjoy the song and share it. And if you like it, leave a comment on the YouTube channel in your native language!

(*) The Awasuka program is developed by Amics del Nepal, base-A, CCD-UPC Polytechnical University of Catalonia, Agragaami Krishak Krishi Sahakaari and Rotary Club of Kantipur. Rotary Club of Hetauda has recently joined as well. All sponsors credited at the end of the video.