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Parent’s Meeting

Since 2017, Amics Del Nepal activity center has been organizing parent meetings quarterly in a year under its Family Support project. The idea of the meeting emerged with the need of the parents to get involved in our programs and to have a better understanding of AdN projects besides their concern about their children’s education.

In the meeting held on 9th Feb, parents were reoriented to the projects and the importance of their engagement in their child’s development was discussed. However, for this meeting, we also came up with the idea of providing some workshops to them which could be beneficial in their daily lives.

So, on this particular meeting, we provided the parents with basic healthcare workshop and menstruation workshop. There were around 25 parents participating in the meeting who were mostly female. The workshops were facilitated by our Spanish volunteers and supported by Amics’s staff which to our delight was received with great enthusiasm. Towards the end of the workshop, we also collected some basic information of the parents in order to plan future parent meetings and need-based trainings.