Children's Home Youth Program

Saturday Spanish Classes

Since December 2017, every Saturday for one hour, a couple of staff from Amics del Nepal Activity Center go to a Spanish organization called Sangha Activa in Boudha to teach Spanish language to the children. Sangha Activa is a children’s home where there are 13 boys and girls studying in different grades.

The Saturday Spanish classes are conducted through activity based learning. The staff of ADN prepare games and activities for the children so that they can learn and adopt the Spanish language in a fun way. As a result, the children are very enthusiastic and active in learning the language. However, we have not been able to see a drastic improvement in their Spanish language since we started as the language itself is quite hard. However, we can still see a gradual improvement. Now, they are able to pronounce common words and recognize them. They can also introduce themselves in a simple manner.  These Saturday classes have also been very useful for the Amics staff to better understand the process of teaching a foreign language to young learners hence building a learning experience for both the students and teachers altogether.