Report Week 15 [11 – 18 Jan 2019]


The weeks pass and become intense, this has had an added handicap and is that for the first time was one person alone and the other took advantage of the rest so deserved! Ana has returned with the batteries very loaded to be able to surrender 100 percent in these last stages! The week was totally full of different things, after many months came the first intense day of rain, which made the tasks difficult, but in all the houses they protected the material and that helped us to learn to be prepared in these situations. It was also the birthday of the daughter of Supriya, a naughty and shy girl who at first hid behind her mother and now even dares to help us with homework! We have realized how much it has grown in these months.

We also see how the works grow up and we already have three houses ready to place the roof so we hope that in a short time they may be finished. In fact, a family is very happy with the pace of the works and has invited us to eat a delicious chicken in which we have had a good time with the mistris!

We have also seen the end of the week with the previous of the festival next week eating in Suping and being there at night, so we also know how cold it is in the early hours of the morning there, because of the frost, dherei chisooo!

Next week will be Sebas who will go to charge batteries, sure that also comes with many forces!