Bhimphedi CH Youth Program

Trekking from Bhimphedi to Kathmandu

From mid October to mid November there were the main festivities of Nepal: Dashain and Tihar. Some of the elder kids from Bhimphedi Children’s Home requested to do something different and special in these holidays. The youth team from the Amics del Nepal Activity Center help them to prepare a trekking from Bhimphedi to Kathmandu visiting on the way interesting, historical and natural locations.

The route from Bhimphedi to Kathmandu is one of the historical paths in the history of Nepal, because it is the shortest way to go from the capital of Nepal, located in the hilly area to the flat area that border to India. So it has been used from a long time ago. It was already used by Rana family when they ruled Nepal to go for hunting tigers on their elephants. It has been used for thousands of hindus on their pilgrimage from India to Kathmandu to visit the sacred Pashupatinath Temple. It was also the way from which the first car was imported from India, carried by people (you can read the story of one of the porters here)

On 29th October, 6 children from Bhimphedi Children’s Home with some of the youth and volunteers started the tree days trekking from Bhimphedi to Kathmandu. On the way they visited places such as:
Khulekhani Hydropower Project: one of the largest hydropower Project in Nepal.

The First Nepalese Goat Cheese factory, a very new thing for the children.
Some of the recently established places for domestic tourist in Markhu, Chitlang and Chandragiri.

The trekking was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Nepal. But it was also an opportunity for the kids to work together as a group, to do some exercise and to have lots of fun together. When will be the next trekking?