Amor CH Volunteering

Volunteers say goodbay from Mahendranagar

Mahendranagar volunteers have reached the end of the project. During this month they have not stopped doing activities at both Amor Children ‘s Home and at the Florida school. Each day they have carried out different activities such as making bracelets of thread, they have played traditional Catalan games to exchange cultures, they have done mask workshops, dance competitions and sports competitions, watch the Jurassic World movie and culinary activities such as making a cake with milk, cookies and chocolate among all.
They have also made paper banners to encourage the football team of the Florida school, where some of the ACH boys play, and have used them to encourage them in the games they have played during this month and helped them get the victory.
On the other hand, they have also carried out cleaning actions through games, to clean the Hostel and the rooms of all the children. They have also placed the bins that painted the first weeks and have used them to collect all the garbage.
From Amics del Nepal we thank you for all the work you have done!