Biratnagar CH

Sport event in Purwanchal Ashram

Biratnagar is almost 400 km from Kathmandu. There, Amics del Nepal supports Purwanchal Ashram, a home for 60 children. The great distance that separated this center from the Kathmandu Activities Center was not an obstacle for Prakash, Dil, Rohit and Daniel (President of Amics del Nepal) to spend more than 12 hours in a bus to go and go back through the spectacular Koshi river.

It was the first visit by members of the activities center to hold events at the Biratnagar home and it was a great experience. We had the opportunity to get to know each other through the different games we proposed with the aim of raising the curiosity of the children as well as making them collaborate with each other. This time we decided to organize a sports event so that children could know different modalities such as football, badminton or the game of pulling the rope and the stretch-and-hoop. Two days were enough for the children to be comfortable with the youth team.

Making animation activities for children who live in a difficult social situation is very important to help them feel part of the group as well as help them discover their potential and abilities.

It also useful to meet the kids who are in class 10 and next April they will come to the center of activities of Amics del Nepal to do the bridge course “After the SEE examinations.”

See soon Biratnagar!