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Siphal food fest

Once more our Youth Team visited Siphal Protection Home to offer a groupal culinary experience. We have been continuously working with the children and staff of this children’s home in order to involve all the members in this monthly activity.
Coordinating all the kids is not an easy task and our Youth members organise different teams to prepare the ingredients, ellaborate the recipe, serve the food and clean. Through all these activities children discover a funny way to interact one with each other as they work for the same goal.
This time we served egg sandwich. In Nepal it is not very typical to eat bread so our team considered it was a good occasion to prepare such a snack and egg with boiled potatoes for the children with functional diversity.
All together we spent around 4 hours working all together, almost 100 people counting the youth team memebers.
Next month we will be back with a new menu!