Expansion Program Women Literacy (WLP)

Women Literacy Program 2018 in Mahendranagar

It’s been a month and a half since we started the new WLP classes in Mahendranagar and the workings and assistance of women are good. We have two groups of 24 students each.

Due to the harvest, to which women could not miss, the classes were closed for a few days. But once it was finished, it continued with the established schedule, even increasing it, as classes began on Saturdays.


In one month, women have learned to read and write some words in Nepali, such as the name of their husband and family. Although in some cases the attendance to the course is difficult, due mainly to the familiar conditions of some of the women, the students are participating in the classes in a more than satisfactory way.


The women of this group, after having learned how to write many words in Nepali, have now started to write the English alphabet.

Most women have had to wear glasses, since they never had the need to read and they were unaware that they could not see the words.

This program has brought a truly positive change in the lives of all the women participants. They say: “Before we had to use our fingerprints in the official documents, but now we can write our names.”