Awasuka in Supin

Reconstrucció Amics del Nepal

Last month of December we started works in the comunity houses of Supin, between 500 and 1000 meters above Bhimpedi. At the moment there are 7 new houses in construction: 5 of confined concrete block and two of stone, clay and cement (improved tradicional technique).

The concrete block houses are receiving funds through a credit of 2 lakhs that is being used to by materials and is organized in a way that the house owners do not received money, but materials.

The stone houses are fully funded by the program as they are meant for handicapped people with no resources.

The construction of those houses is daily supervised by the team of technic volunteers of Awasuka.

Month by month we are paying a specialized master of works for each house. The plan is to finish up these 7 houses really soon and to start planning the reinforcement works of five more houses.

Awasuka volunteers are students doing last few years of Arquitecture studies in UPC, who will stay on the field for almost 5 months. Therefore, they can positively contribute to transfer their technical knowledge to the locals, who do not have acces to enginyeers or arquitecture services. Moreover, the govern enginyeers intended for rural aeras, are not able to support the amount of constructions that are being managed at the moment.

During this month of March, the program will welcome the quaterly visit of Amics del Nepal Program Director; this will hapen at the same time as the second visit of the members of the Fons Català de Cooperació, who perform the follow up of the different actions developed by Awasuka.

  • Reconstrucció Amics del Nepal