Amor CH FIBS Volunteering

Summer 2017 in Mahendranagar

Centre acollida Amics del Nepal

This summer, Mahendranagar’s Volunteers have worked hard at Hostel d’Amor Children’s home. They have been involved in improving the maintenance of the hostel: painting the dining room, some corridors and the furniture. Moreover, a soccer goal was built.

There was also a room cleaning competition, to make them aware of the importance to keep always clean the common areas. We enjoyed the free time with the children doing sports activities, games, workshops and gymkhana and an unforgettable trip to Jacksvhd where we did a picnic.

At Florida Internationa Boarding School, summer volunteers prepared different activities related to oral hygiene and also to the sport.

We especially want to thank for their sustained collaboration with Francisca Roviralta Foundation because thanks to their contribution we could fix the bus.

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