Children Program KEBS Project Based Learning (PBL)

Trip to Godavari

Escolars Amics del Nepal

Amics del Nepal organizes lessons, from Sunday to Thursday, for KEBS students, as well as for other students from the school. This program has been helping them since years ago and providing scholarships for the neediest students. Moreover, twice a year, after Dashain Festival, we offer them to visit different places.

In November the 18th, we visited, for the second time, the Godavari Botanical Garden, Lalitpur. Altogether, we were 31 participants, including the teachers. We started the excursion at 10.00 am and, as soon as we went on the bus, the students started singing. After one hour trip, we arrived to Godavari. The goal of visit this location was to gain knowledge about different and exotic vegetation, herbs and medicinal plants. Throughout this learning process, the students can improve their general acquaintance and not only learn by heart from the textbooks.

We also strolled around Godavari. We took some pictures of the students and we still had time to visit a waterfall. After that, we sat in a glade to enjoy our lunch.

We ate sandwiches sitting in a circle. Later on, we played some music and some of us started dancing meanwhile others played and took pictures with their friends. We really enjoyed the excursion.

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