Youth Counseling & Support

The first phase of the educative program for youths is called 10+2 (name given to senior high school in Nepal) and gives support to teenagers over 16 years old coming from the children’s homes and from the educational projects of Amics del Nepal.

This program offers educational scholarships and assessment to choose studies and centres to run them.

Additionally, youths coming from the children’s homes are accompanied in the search of work and housing with the objective that they manage to live in an autonomous manner.

The beneficiaries are asked to be involved in the Youth Project, where they collaborate with the social programs that are being developed in the activities of Amics del Nepal in Katmandu.

Once this phase is finished, the project goes to supporting the youths that have finished high school and want to go on with their professional training or university.

The teenagers that have been beneficiaries and want to apply for a scholarship, should make an application to Amics del Nepal, who then evaluates their academic record, their capacity for the chosen studies and their involvement in the Youth Project.

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