Children Program Experiential Learning (EL)

EL Third Quarter Final Event

The Experiential Learning (EL) classes for the third quarter concluded on January 13th after a ten-week session with the final event centered around the theme of Solidarity. Throughout the quarter, students engaged in activities such as creating mosaic art, singing, dancing, presentations, and a field visit, all designed to emphasize the role of creativity and expression in building a strong community. The primary focus of this quarter was to foster a sense of togetherness among the students and introduce them to the concepts of solidarity, highlighting the significance of art and music in promoting unity.

The event was held at the Amics Activity Centre where EL students, internal staff, and interns gathered to participate. The students exhibited their learning through various mediums, including mosaic art, singing, dancing, and presentations, expressing the idea of unity and the importance of solidarity in different aspects of life. As the event progressed, three energetic students took on the role of host, guiding the audience through the performances. The students also led the presentation of the mosaic art which was created using different unused items from the surroundings, emphasizing unity and collaboration. Singing and dancing performances further reinforced the message that, despite diversity, all individuals live together, showing mutual respect and care for each other’s cultures. Some students also delivered presentations based on their understanding of the third-quarter theme of solidarity.

The event concluded with audiences pasting messages on the solidarity wall using sticky notes, following an interactive feedback session with EL students. Looking ahead, upcoming Experiential Learning sessions will focus on women’s rights, providing students with an opportunity to delve into this important social issue.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: