Purwanchal Ashram (Biratnagar)

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Purwanchal Ashram is a children’s home located in Biratnagar.

Biratnagar (formally called Gograha Bazaar) is a town located in the south east of Nepal, in the Kosi province, Morang district. Nepal’s second largest city after Kathmandu with a population of approximately 250.000 inhabitants and around half a million more who live in the outskirts.

Biratnagar is a business and commercial city. Know as well for being the industry powerhouse of the country with a large number of factories that export noodles, biscuits and pieces of textile to the rest of the country and India, whose border is a few kilometers away.

The Home shelters around 60 boys and girls between 1 and 21 year of age and develops a training program for youths and other communities of people with diverse needs.

The branch of Amics del Nepal in Girona, collaborates with the program paying for the food, training and medical expenses.

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