Amor Children’s Home in Mahendranagar

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Amor Children’s Home for children is located in the town of Mahendranagar, ninth city of Nepal in the western part of the country, just 5 km away from the Indian border and the door to the Wildlife Reserve of Shuklaphanta.

Amor Children’s Home is a private center built in 1996 and expanded in the 2001 and 2002 years, thanks to the private donations of members of Amics del Nepal.

The organization that manages Childrens Home (CH) was established in 1989 with the aim of providing a home and education of street children in Kathmandu. In 1999 opened this center for boys only, while the girls stayed in Kathmandu.

Today the center hosts about 30 children who are mostly orphans or from families of low resource status. All children are schooled in the Florida International School, close to the center.

Amics del Nepal collaborates with the financial expenses of the center since its foundation, apart from sending volunteers regularly in order to provide health, ludic and educational programs and improve the infrastructure.

Of all the projects Amics del Nepal collaborates with, this the one that started earlier.

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With the collaboration of Roviralta Foundation and all the members of Amics del Nepal: