Women Literacy (WLP)

Bhimphedi Women Literacy Project Orientation

Women Literacy Project (WLP) has been empowering women through literacy skills. This project of Amics del Nepal has always provided a platform for women to develop their basic literacy skills so that they can have dignified ançd well-informed lives leading to their well-being.
Bhimphedi WLP is an extension of Amics del Nepal’s WLP that began in January 2022. The project began with 15 women participants in Bhimphedi, Simaltar. All these women are from the local community of Bhimphedi who do not have any literacy background. Women were provided books and stationeries materials for their classes. The literacy project was closed after a week of launch due to lack of space and a facilitator.Now with proper planning and coordination, WLP in Bhimphedi has again resumed from 28th April, 2022 with the same women participants.
The WLP classes are being conducted thrice a week in Bhimphedi with the first level of WLP books. Presently, the women have a new and comfortable space for attending the classes. As the space has been rented, the classes will not be affected by the monsoon rain or the hot summer. All the workshops and classes can be conducted in a comfortable environment. The women are happy with the classes and consider it as an opportunity to empower themselves through literacy.