Bhimphedi CH Children's Home

Batuli, in Balmandir they make a short film

Schools have been closed in Nepal since March, and it doesn’t look like they will open anytime soon. At the end of June they lowered the restrictions of a lockdown that did a lot of damage to the families’ economy, but due to the increase of positive cases they have now been forced to re-impose strict confinement.

In the Bhimphedi Children’s Home the children are well cared for by the staff and have maintained good study routines, collaboration with housework and gardening, and sports and creative activities. Here we present one; a short film to raise awareness among youth of the dangers of getting married when they are still too young. Batuli is a short film where children and staff from the Bhimphedi shelter have participated. We hope you like it!

The video has subtitles.