Bhimphedi CH Children's Home News

During confinement, home schooling

Since April 5th the children and staff have been confined in the Bhimphedi Children’s Home.

Since the schools are closed and cannot offer online education, the activities have to be organized in the children’s home.

The kitchen, the office, the computer room, the study room, and the garden have become the new classes and educational workspaces.

The older kids of the home and the staff (educator Ranjita, principal Surendra, and assistant principal Raj) are the teachers in confinement time.

Kush, the young manager of the Namuna Bari project of the women’s program of Amics del Nepal, Ateneu del Món and the Sant Quirze City Council, is now the Didis’ teacher of literacy.

As it is customary to wear a uniform in the school in Nepal, they use the t-shirts given by the Joan Blanquer school of Castellar del Vallès as a uniform in time of confinement.

With this new organization, the house staff ensures that boys and girls maintain good routines and continue their learning in these exceptional times.