Events Social Week (SW) Youth Program

Earth Day

Amics youth Class XI attended an event “Earth Day” organised by WWF Nepal (World Wildlife Fund) in Exhibition Road, Kathmandu on 30th March. The event had a main theme named 60+, which consists of shutting down the electricity of our house for one hour with the purpose of saving energy.

The event was carried out with different activities and workshops on waste management which is a burning issue in Nepal. The youth were exposed to the innovative and eco-friendly methodologies through which different NGOs and INGOs were working in Waste Management. The organisations also had their stalls displaying their works and products made from waste.

This visit to Earth Day event was conducted with the aim to expose our youth to a broad understanding of the concept of waste management and recycling and reuse of waste products. On the other hand, this event was also parallel to the Zero Waste Corner project that our youth have been working on and through this event they could have more tools and resources to work on this group project successfully. Besides, environmental issues and concerns can also be an interesting area of study for the youth’s university level education.

With the support of the city Hall of Castellar del Vallès

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