Report Week 16 [18 – 25 Jan 2019]


This week we have been very busy but with great news!

The cover of Sanumaya and Nirmala are already in finished, so they are nearly at the end of this process!

This Saturday begins with Hirakumari’s cover, that Krisna Prasad is eager to see her house finally finished.

We have also experienced the terrible news of the death of Devraj’s mother. Suppin people are shocked, since we all thought that he would survive the accident. It turns out that she was warming herself in a bonfire and her skirt burned. She could not remove it on time and burned her legs, unfortunately nobody was there to help her.

The house of Supriya is stopped and until further notice will continue like this.

We suggest the mistris of this house come to other houses that we have more advanced so that they can repeat it in the house of Supriya once we have left.

As for Borun, we have managed to finish with the first strip of lower concrete, and the second or intermediate with the rods placed.

Next week we pretend to continue this progress and that it is only necessary to finish the plastering and the placement of the Plywood in the interior slab.

As this house does not change roof, it is simpler and faster to execute, although we have suffered that there have been many mistris changes and that has soler down the work a lot.

This will be our last week, so we hope that all the work and the illusion of the great team that we are will continue to give us some very good final results!