Bhimphedi CH Namuna Bari Youth Counseling & Support

Letter from Kush Rawal, a future veterinarian

Dear all, Namaste, I’m Kush Rawal and I grew up in Bhimphedi Children’s Home with my twin brother and other boys and girls who are like brothers as well. Last April we left the children’s Home to move to Kathmandu next to the Activity Center of Amics del Nepal to start our next stage of our life. When I was small I wanted to be a teacher, but when I grow my aim changed to become a veterinarian. When I first thought about it, I was not very confident that it would be possible, but now I am studing vet in a college. The course is really expensive, so once more Amics del Nepal helped to make it possible. I will do my best on it. The initial vet course is 18 months long. 12 months will be theory and 6 month is practical. The college will send me to some rural area for practical. There will be theory exams in the college to prepare me for the official final examinations. From 7am to 1:30pm im in the class and twice a week we go for practical in college farm. I will study and do practicals for the next 18 months about: Animal health, Livestock production and management, Entrepreneurship development, Animal nutrition and fodder production and Dairy production. From my classes I am getting very different knowledge such as: How is agricultural and farms in Nepal. How to take care feed the animals, species, diseases, how animal houses make and other many mores. In my class there are only 20 students so it is easy to understand in class. In Nepal, still more than the 50% of the activity is of Agriculture and farming, and it’s not very developed. So I think I will have a good future in this sector. On top of that I’m working for a project of Amics del Nepal with the cityhall of Sant Quirze and Ateneu del Món, called Namuna Bari (the model orchard). From my childhood to now Amics del Nepal has been my father and mother, and thus will be in the future too. I feel very thankful to all of you who have been helping and supporting me in every need and cares and loves me. I can’t give anything to you from my side but I can give a Big Thanks and love to you. Big hug, Kush
The Namuna Bari project is made possible by the support of Ateneu del Món and the City Council of Sant Quirze del Vallès