Social Week (SW) Youth Program

Theatre in Golfutar and Jamsikhel

Joves Amics del Nepal

On November 1 and 14, our Young people from Kathmandu performed a 30-minute play at the Shree Mahakali High School, in Golfutar, Kathmandu. They also performed in a high school in Tika Vidyashram, Jamsikhel, Sanepar (Lalitpur). The play was based in workshops to raise awareness of waste treatment.

Clean up Nepal, an NGO that collaborates with Amics del Nepal, organized the project “Zero Wastage” (zero waste). That project was carried out for a week during which students learn about waste management and how to overcome the problems caused by its bad management.

It’s important that the workshops tell the students important aspects such as “What’s the impact of waste on our health?”, “How to segregate waste” or “What to do with our waste?”. Through this workshops, students can learn mor about recycling and how to separate waste instead of mixing everything in the trash or throwing garbage everywhere.
Our young people show with the play that people can learn how to manage the waste in a fun way.

Around 400 people gathered at the school to attend the event including teachers, program directors and an IMPACT MARATHON volunteer, who sponsors this project in the schools.

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