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Emergency earthquake


Earthquake emergency aid

June, 5th

The first metal houses for the inhabitants of the small village Chimling are already a reality

This explains the components of the expedition of EREC:

A short summary of the final output of the EREC before passing the baton to the second team in Nepal will continue until the end of June. We returned to the village Chimling where we built six houses and we have sheets to cover part of the school.

Saturday we fly home and the relief formed by Juan Carlos Mompel, Enric Martin Salmeron, Richard Sergi, Miriam Galisteo and Oscar Espinosa come to stay 25 days.


We encourage you to continue working with us to continue the reconstruction work that we are carrying out. In a few days the monsoon arrives and torrential rains again be a critical moment for the country.

Good luck to colleagues and sincerely appreciate the help received from the Small World Mireia these weeks listening and accompany us everywhere. Without them it would have been even more difficult to get to where we have come.

Thanks to all who have collective approaches and those who have not already done so, to encourage you to do so, they still have need!

ES46 2013 0441 1502 01070342


May, 28th

The EREC team has been doing a recognizing Sindhulpalchok district, north east of Kathmandu, one of the areas most affected by the two earthquakes.

After seeing the needs on the ground the day Thursday, left a three-day expedition to the area by providing ten shelters metallic and start building latrines face to avoid epidemics such as cholera, which is now ready to begin the rainy monsoon.


May, 26rh

Catalonia Emergency Rescue Team (EREC) in Nuwakot

The group of EREC; Catalonia Emergency Rescue Team, created by the NGO Solidarity Action and Logistics, is working at full reconstruction, especially in supplying housing for the elderly without family in the town of Khadkavanjyang in Nuwakot area, north and Kathmandu.

On Monday 26, were working in two houses on the ground pulling second and third floors to take advantage of the lower floors as housing.

They have also distributed tents, nails and tools (50 hammers and saws 40). All the work was done in collaboration with three young scouts Kathmandu Nepalese volunteers.

May, 13th

Distribution of food and water Dolakha District

Raport district Dolakha (PDF)


New earthquake of 7.3 magnitude

A new earthquake of 7.3 magnitude has again rocked the area most affected by the earthquake of April 25. At least 57 people have died in Nepal, according to the Interior Ministry statement Nepali, and more than a thousand were injured, more than 17 deaths in India and Tibet. So far, there have been six more aftershocks, one of magnitude 6.3 which, for the first hour after the quake.

In Kathmandu, where the airport has been closed, the panic is widespread. Thousands have taken to the streets against the fear of more aftershocks and shops have closed doors. Some buildings have collapsed but the big fear is falling properties damaged by the previous earthquake. The priority task is to evict people who are still inside the buildings.

We must expect new large earthquake near the Himalayas

Earthquakes occur in this area by the push plate against the Eurasian plate Indica, converging at a rate of about five centimeters a year, and have turned the slopes of the Himalayas in a failure of some 2,000 km long. "This movement does not accommodate linearly but accumulates due to friction of the rocks," says Pablo González, earthquake specialist in Leeds University and COMET. He adds: "This is the process that loads power failures and then released in the form of earthquakes."

González explains that their measurements show that the earthquake Gorkha April 25 was a slip fault about five meters. "Because the whole front of the mountain chain converges, adjacent segments are also prepared to break in future earthquakes. So it seems that the earthquake today was closer to breaking the previous magnitude earthquake, quite similar, it falls into the strict definition of reply ", he concludes.

Unfortunately, according to Gonzalez, expect new major earthquake in the Himalayas, but do not know when. "Only the analysis of the history of ruptures prior analysis of the segments that break and determining how it behaves the rest of the fault rupture around us closer to improving our understanding of seismic phenomenon," says .

Diario El País 5/12/2015

May, 10th

Actions in report (PDF)

May, 4th

Tents for Bhimphedi

Bhimphedi Blog

Kathmandu wants to return to normal

Kathmandu's population has begun to return to homes that were not destroyed or low damaged by the earthquake.

Living in stores has become too risky for health reasons and many people are getting sick.

What we are most concerned about the health authorities is to control diseases, being attentive to outbreaks of diarrhea, pneumonia and other diseases associated with poor hygiene and rain.

Many people are leaving the Kathmandu Valley on its own initiative. The number is increasing day after day, they want to be helpful in their villages and be with their families.


Around 2.8 million internally displaced people

The Consortium for Risk Reduction in Nepal, an organization involving agencies of the United Nations estimated that the earthquake has generated around 2.8 million internally displaced people (the population is 28 million people).

The same source indicates that 39 of the 75 districts in the nation Himalayan quake destroyed 530,000 homes and 70,000 more were damaged. The Government of Nepal has recognized that urgently needs 500,000 tents to provide shelter to millions of victims.

The Nepalese authorities have confirmed complete damage to 94.744 public infrastructure and 64.645 partial damage. The agent's government also suffered the ravages of the earthquake and 10,136 have been completely destroyed.

The United Nations appeal to raise 415 million dollars to help the earthquake victims

The United Nations made an appeal Wednesday to raise 415 million dollars (373 million euros) to help the earthquake victims.

The aid plan aims to help the Nepalese government to address the needs of housing, water supply, health services, food and protection during the next three months.

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